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Tear-Jerking Documentary gets Nationwide Exchange Broadcast with American Public Television

San Diego, CA (Jan 31st, 2011) – American Public Television has officially accepted the documentary “Visa Dream” made by filmmakers Jorge Meraz (Tijuana) and Steven Javitz (San Diego). It follows an elderly couple from Southern Mexico who apply for a Visa in order to visit their children whom they have not seen in 16 years.

It is a touching film following a couple striving to do things the proper way so that they can visit their family in the United States. People who grew up all their lives in the US often don’t realize some of the challenges people face in order to visit this country. Close to 6 million tourist visas are issued by the US worldwide every year. This Documentary shows the lifestyle, the emotions, and journey of a couple that goes through this very process.

The stakes are high. Ramon and Aurora, (the older couple applying for the visa,) have not seen their kids for 16 years. And just because they apply for a visa and have an interview, does not mean they are guaranteed the approval for it. Basically, it comes down to a “yes” or “no” from an immigration officer, as their relatives anxiously wait to hear the answer.

The film includes interviews with their family members, various visa applicants, comments from private visa consultants who work filling out paperwork on a daily basis, as well as an interview with a United States Consular Officer. A consular officer actually does the interview with foreigners desiring to obtain a visitors’ visa, to determine their eligibility.

Another bit of news is that the film made the official selection for the San Diego Latino Film Festival. Meanwhile, THE OAXACA INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL ( has shown VISA DREAM in Mexico. Another showcase for VISA DREAM was at the Entijuanarte2010 cultural art festival in Tijuana ( which took place October 1st-3rd 2010 at the Tijuana cultural center and other alternate venues across the city.

Director Jorge Meraz who worked in the past as a TV news anchor for TV Azteca Tijuana has also been interviewed by Sinthesis TV (Interview in spanish available at Facebook: Visa dream) and 1470 AM ( in Tijuana to discuss the film.

People interested in reading more about the film may visitwww.visadream.comwhich is the official website. The DVD is now available with extended interviews, scenes and Director/Producer commentary. You may also follow the official Facebook page: Visa Dream where you can find the most updated information.

Director Jorge Meraz is available for interview and may be contacted at

Producer/Cinematographer Steven Javitz is also available at

Centurion 5 Productions6233 Mercer St

San Diego CA 92122

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